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Superbread Chef Knife

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Emily and J.T. Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Sunburst

Emily and Brian Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Color: Cadet

Carol Frances and Travis Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Color: Mountain Huckleberry

Kate and Stephen Registry

Qty needed: 1 | Color: Cadet


These knives don’t just have the good looks, they also have the quality. The expertly crafted chef’s knife boasts the highest performing knife steel on the market paired with an aerospace-grade fiberglass epoxy handle. The Superbread knife is the ultimate slicer for soft food! 

New West KnifeWorks

New West KnifeWorks was founded by Corey Milligan originally to design, develop, and produce knives for fine art and craft shows. From its inception, the goal has been not only to produce the finest quality knives in the world, but also to design these tools to be works of art that inspire excellence in food preparation and beautify the kitchen. Corey has had much success in this mission. The knives have been accepted at many of the nation's top juried fine art shows and have won several awards. Furthermore, the knives have been featured in many of the nation's top publications.